Miami Sailfishing

Sailfishing in Miami Beach’s waters can be one of the most exciting sport fishing events of a life time. These magnificent game fish can be caught all year round in Florida, but the main sailfish season begins in October and runs all the way into June. Sailfish can be easily spotted tailing down a north swell. This is because a north swell is generally formed after a cold front, and sailfish love the cooler weather.

Sailfish Fishing Miami FL. Sport Fishing out of Bal Harbour Florida.

There is nothing like spotting the tail of a sailfish riding the surface of a wave, throwing out a live pilchard, herring, spanish sardine or goggle-eye in its path and seeing it turn black as an ace of spade with aggression as it inhales the live bait.
Once on the line it is very common to see several more sailfish following in its path making sailfishing in Miami a thrilling fishing adventure. Because sailfish travel in a pod, multiple hook ups are very common when kite fishing, as well as, slow trolling live bait.
Sailfishing in Miami

When sailfishing in Miami we like to fish with kites because sailfish are surface feeders and kite fishing keeps the bait right on the surface. It also allows us to have 6 lines out at a time along with a couple of flat lines or deep lines giving us a total of eight lines at once! WOW! Catching a sailfish on light tackle is super challenging and adrenaline raising because sailfish are extremely acrobatic and put up a great fight. So when there are several on the lines at once it is super intense and quite a rush! miami sailfishing Lady Angler with Atlantic Sailfish
Imagine you, along with the other anglers, onboard all fighting against these majestic, strong billfish and winning the fight together. This would certainly be a story for the books and something to brag about for years to come.
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Sailfish Fishing Miami FL. Sport Fishing out of Bal Harbour Florida

After such a rewarding day, a lot of our anglers mount their beautiful sailfish catch. Nowadays you do not have to kill the fish, (and we most certainly encourage catch and release of sailfish) as our taxidermy company uses exact replicas to create a beautiful mold you will be proud to display.