Marlin Miami Sportfishing

Wanna go Marlin Fishing? How about to the Bahamas? Well, you can do both with our weekend Bahamas Marlin Fishing Charters Getaway. New Moon Sportfishing knows just where to take you.

As the bite has been on the rise less than 50 miles away from our Miami Coast at the Island in the Stream known as Bimini, Bahamas there has been more marlin fishing action then we have seen in years.

Bahamas Marlin Fishing Charters
Anywhere from two to five strikes a day and from 100 lbs upwards to 1000 lbs, the Blue Marlin is one tough pelagic to catch. When you talk big game fishing, the first thing that comes to mind at New Moon Sportfishing is blue marlin fishing.

Marlin Fishing Charters
A young Capt. Jack caught his first Blue Marlin off the Coast of Miami as a mate.

Generally we troll artificial and natural bait to catch these beautiful blue water dwellers. Like a swordfish or a giant bluefin tuna, pound for pound they are one of the toughest game fish in the ocean.

While fishing for this majestic deep sea monster, you will know when you get a strike. They have such a ferocious bite that it sounds like a .357 Magnum with the snap of the line popping out of the outrigger as the line smokes off the reel as the marlin takes the lure or the bait.

With a good Captain at the wheel and team work from the mate(s) the angler sits in the fighting chair strapped to the harness preparing for the fight of a lifetime. It can sometimes take hours to reel one of these iridescent sea creatures in.

The Marlin

The marlin has a giant tale, a round shark like dorsal fin, long iridescent peck fins and a bite that could crush a cinder block. Therefor you need thick mono leaders to keep the marlin from sawing off the monofilament, as well as, a very sharp, triple strength hook to be able to penetrate its bonelike mouth.

Although it is very possible to catch a blue marlin off the coast of Florida, they are much more heavily populated near the Bahamas where there are sharp drop offs in the ocean floor creating current rips and edges where the bait such as bonitos, mahi-mahi, skipjack tuna (which is the primary food of the blue marlin), and houndfish, mullet, mackerel and ballyhoo which are pushed out from the shallower waters.

Like any large pelagic, the Atlantic blue marlin is the perfect fish to bring up to the boat to take a picture with. With a pair of cotton gloves, the mate can bill the fish bringing him alongside the boat to measure for a replica mount to display your big catch of the day.

Captain Jack and New Moon Sportfishing has traveled all of the Bahamas (including the Abacos, Eleuthera, Chub Cay, San Salvador and Rum Cay) and the Caribbean blue marlin charter fishing.