Miami Shark Fishing

Looking to go Shark Fishing in Florida?


The Thresher shark is characterized by its large upper caudal fin. This tail fin can near 50 percent of the total length of the shark. The second dorsal fin is much smaller than the first. There is a big eye thresher and a common thresher shark. We typically catch big eye thresher sharks as the common threshers tend to like the colder water of the North Atlantic Ocean. The thresher is a strong swimmer and puts up a hell of a fight sometimes leaping out of the water completely. Florida Shark Fishing
We use live bait such as bonito, mackerel and squid to lure them in. When we catch these guys they run quick and fast down to the bottom of the ocean floor in no time – therefore always we always make sure we our tackle is well prepared with a lot of line.


The Bull shark is absolutely a man-eater! It swims in very shallow waters where people swim and is a very aggressive shark. It is a very common shark in South Florida and the Bahamas as it likes the warm waters of the tropical and subtropical oceans and also in a few fresh water rivers and lakes. They love to follow large schools of grouper which reside by artificial reef and wrecks.
We catch them using bonito and kingfish, as well as, amberjacks but these dangerous creatures will eat almost anything. Needless to say, catching a Bull Shark is super intense!


The large, dangerous Tiger Shark is to tropical waters what the great white is to temperate waters! If you spot a tiger shark it is not uncommon to see a large sea turtle being devoured by this creature as this is a favorite for them to feed on. They also eat birds and pelicans following the schools of bait fish. We typically hook them while fishing for amberjacks in the deep water artificial reefs and wrecks. As fisherman, we consider the tiger shark to be a real prize catch!


Hammerhead Sharks are a prehistoric shark. It is pretty common to catch them year round, but the heavy migration of hammerheads is in the spring. They generally birth their offspring in a circular motion and can have as many as 50 babies at once. They really are a very impressive animal. The Hammerhead is the shark we catch the most as they appear in very shallow waters such as inlets and bays. They are easy to spot because their very large dorsal fin which is the largest of all sharks.
It is not uncommon to catch a hammerhead shark nearing 14 feet in length. These interesting, yet dangerous sharks feed on just about anything that swims, including people! Hammerhead shark fishing Florida with Captain Jack is quite the adventure!


We have two types of Mako Sharks swimming off the coast of Florida. The short fin Mako and the long fin Mako shark. They are a beautiful iridescent blue color; have hook like razor sharp teeth and have deep, black creepy eyes. They are also the fastest of all sharks. Their main source of food are juvenile swordfish which are known to be as tasty as a swordfish steak on the grill.