Miami Bottom Fishing

Florida Bottom fishing? New Moon Sportfishing specializes in three types of bottom fishing: deep water fishing, shallow water fishing and artificial reef and wreck fishing.

Artificial reef and wreck fishing consists of both dead bait, such as, cut up bonito, squid, pilchards and herring, as well as, live bait such as live pilchards, herring, goggle-eye, pin fish, blue runners and bonito. We will fish these styles by either power drifting or at anchor.

There are different techniques used on each of these types of bottom fishing depending on the fish we are trying to catch and the time of the day we are bottom fishing. For instance, we’ll use a real light egg sinker on a knocker rig to catch Yellowtail Snappers, Mangrove Snappers, Mutton Snappers and Lane Snappers at night, however during the day, we’ll use a long leader with a sinker to catch the larger Gag Groupers, Red Groupers, Black Groupers, Large Mutton Snappers, Cobia and Greater Amberjacks.


Years ago, the only way to deep drop for bottom fish such as Golden Tile, Blue Line Tile, Snowy Grouper, Warsaw Grouper, Genuine American Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper and so on was to use electric reels, because we didn’t have the high quality braided fishing line nor the high-gear ratio, hand crank, conventional reels that are out on the market today. The thin, no stretch braided line by Power Pro, Sufix and Berkley are some excellent brands that we use on our fishing charter boats.

Golden Tiles

What is so nice about the braided fishing line is that it is very strong and very thin in diameter allowing it to cut right through our ripping Gulf stream current.

Thanks to the evolution of the low diameter fishing lines along with the circle hooks, sport fishing has progressed into an entirely different game then what the ‘old-timers’ were used to. This evolution has led to some of the most exciting fishing of the new day.

Tastiest Fish

One of the greatest things about Bottom Fishing is that’s where the tastiest fish dwell. What makes them so good is that they feed on some pretty tasty sea life themselves like squid, shrimp and crab, all which inhabit the ocean floor.

Another great thing about bottom fishing is the adrenaline pumping, thrilling feat of reeling in your catch. You’re hooking the fish in deep waters usually near a structure sitting on the ocean floor. When you hook a fish, the first thing it wants to do is escape back into this structure and wedge himself into a tight place by opening his gills hoping the line will eventually break after rubbing against a sharp object in the wreck. In order to avoid this happening it is important to use heavy tackle and have a captain that knows how to position the fishing boat properly for the bite. Something that New Moon Sportfishing has mastered with its 75 years of combined fishing experience between Captain Jack and the New Moon Crew.