Miami Swordfishing

Swordfishing in Miami is certainly a favorite to anglers all across Florida.

Only 14 miles away from the Swordfish grounds, Miami is known as one of the top places in the world to Swordfish with anglers coming from all over the globe to fish the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. New Moon Sportfishing is only 12 miles away from these fishing grounds and will take you out there to get you hooked up on a Swordfish – day or night!

The Swordfish

The Swordfish (a.k.a Broadbill Swordfish) is the fastest fish in the ocean and migrates through the Florida Straights in large numbers. They are a very aggressive fish dueling for they’re food and territory. As aggressive as swordfish are on the inside, their beautiful iridescent blue coloring on the outside is something to look at. Swordfish have a long, sharp broadbill and the characteristic large, dark eye which is meant for seeing long distances to catch they’re prey. They’re diet consists of squid, mackerel, sardine, dolphin, tuna, ribbon fish, blue runners, rainbow runners and all types of bonitos. Generally, the male swordfish is smaller than the female, usually weighing below 200 lbs, while the females can grow to well over a 1000 lbs.

HMS Permit

Our Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Permit allows us to keep one Swordfish per angler per trip, as long as, the Swordfish is of legal size – which is a minimum of 47 inches from the lower jaw to the fork of the tail. An all-day (full-day) charter is required for swordfishing in Miami, and New Moon Sportfishing offers full-day swordfishing charters both day time and night time.

Ready for some fun? We like to use hand crank fishing rod and reel for our night swordfishing which makes for a much more adrenaline filled fight! Day time swordfishing certainly has its advantages, too. When fishing during the day you can see the swordfish as they come up to the surface and soar through the air after they’ve been hooked. This clearly makes it easier to get a better visual on the fish you’re reeling in. Also, it has been known to catch larger Swordfish during the day. Pound for pound, the pelagic Swordfish, is one of the strongest game fish swimming in our oceans and is referred to as the “Gladiator of the Sea”. It takes a great crew and Captain at the wheel with an angler that has a lot of endurance to bring one in. Swordfishing in Miami is super intense, but there is nothing like a great swordfish catch!