Deep Sea Fishing Cautions

I’ve seen it happen before. You’re offshore fishing with your lines out ready to go. Fish are biting everywhere. It’s gonna be a great day deep sea fishing.

All of a sudden you spot him – a free jumping Sailfish. You want him; you are determined to get a bait out to him and reel him in. Everyone’s on edge with anticipation. The Captain steers his boat in the direction he last saw the sailfish. You get to the position but nothing is there!

You then hear an angler screaming “there he is”. The only problem is the sailfish is now 75 yards in the other direction. This is a common mistake of the inexperienced charter boat captain. Everyone’s disappointed all because the captain didn’t know to position the boat in a way where the bait is presented to the free jumping sailfish properly.

This might sound like an easy task, but it is actually quite complicated and comes only with experience with deep sea fishing.

Another common deep sea fishing concern anglers often come across…
Your going bottom fishing at an artificial reef. You finally reach your destination and mark it on your depth recorder. You see the wreck and throw the anchor over. The fish are biting left and right, but you can’t seem to reel one in. You throw another line, and you lose yet another hook, leader and sinker.

What’s the problem? You know the fish are there, you can feel them biting, but you can’t seem to get them up. Your line is hung in the wreck. The inexperienced charter boat captain dropped the anchor too close and now the current brought your line into artificial reef instead of being positioned to draw the fish out and away from the wreck.

So, what happens? Well, the fishing boat loses the anchor and all the terminal tackle, and you end up frustrated by the common miscalculation and error on the part of the captain. Afterall, you spent a lot of money on this fishing charter, and you expected the captain to know better.

These are just two examples of something that seems like common knowledge to a deep sea fishing captain, however there are a lot of charter boat captain’s that make these mistakes.

That is why it is important to hire an experienced charter boat captain and crew. Learn How to Charter a Deep Sea Fishing Boat in Miami; it can save you a lot of time, money and frustration.