Skipjack Tuna
February 26, 2019

My intention was to go offshore to catch some nice Dolphin. After heading out we started to lose the daylight quickly with the incoming storm rolling up on us. We looked everywhere hoping to see a floater or two when we finally spotted one….oh wait, just a grouping of mylar balloons.

We continued on out catching a Barracuda and a Little Tunny (Bonito) on the way. As the sun went down and the time passed we decided to head back in a little ways all the while keeping our eyes peeled for floaters, birds or any sign of life out there. When there they were, a group of tuna birds and shearwaters. Perfect! We could see it from afar…the ocean water was boiling with all the commotion of the blackfin tuna feeding on the krill. We quickly pulled up to the school and threw scoops of chummies out to keep the tuna around. We caught them on free-lining pilchards one after the other chasing the schools as they were moving away from us til eventually they headed north and we headed home…..for some fresh tuna tataki!

Another great day aboard New Moon Sportfishing!