Chunky Dolphin Crush Offshore
February 24, 2016

We went offshore with a nice load of live horse pilchards, trolling out to about 1000 feet of water. After about an hour and a half of some pretty low action, Captain Bobby Meekins spotted a real nice floater which turned out to be a 25 foot long piece of bamboo. Bulls-eye….the crush was on!

We could see the Dolphin everywhere, the ocean water surrounding the bamboo was blue with the school of mahi mahi. We caught 29 nice gaffer dolphin back to back from 8 lbs – 17 lbs. Mate Joshua May then went inside and pulled out an ready rigged planer rod and caught a nice half dozen Wahoo which topped off the trip.

Made it back to the dock by 5:30pm with some very happy customers!

Another nice deep sea fishing charter in Miami aboard New Moon Sportfishing.