Florida Saltwater Fish Blue Marlin


  • Upper cobalt blue on top shading to a silvery white below
  • Upper jaw elongated in form of a spear
  • The dorsal, pectoral and anal fins are all pointed
  • No dark spots on the dorsal fin


A deep-sea fish that makes major trans-Atlantic migrations.


Unlike swordfish, blue marlin feed mostly during the day. They hunt alone and have been reported to use their long, sharp bill to slice or stun prey.

State Record:

1046 lbs, caught near Panama City

Fishing Tips and Facts:

This may be the ultimate of the big game fish Рthe one Hemingway so often wrote about. Serious anglers rig heavy and expect to fight a marlin for 4-6 hours. * Information taken from (www.myfwc.com) Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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